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Information & Communication Technology Reports

In the Telecom & IT market,technological up-gradation and innovation has accelerated dramatically and it now encompasses a more diverse universe of players than ever before. In order to cope with competition in the current market environment, incumbent Telcos are undergoing sea change internally and externally by forces such as changing trends in consumer demand, regulatory changes, digital content and newer technologies. This transformation needs large investments in next-gen services deployment and also a primary shift in the business model and Telco approach.

Telecom& IT group at Zenith Market Insights conducts extensive market studies and delivers syndicated reports and undertakes consulting assignments for the dynamic ICT markets and industry needs. Our major focus areas are mobile & wireless technologies, telco operations, communication services, infrastructure, high-tech, information and network security, enterprise and consumer IT. Telecom & IT analysts also focus on analyzing emerging trends such as customer intelligence, transformations,social data, convergence, smart markets, mobile apps, Green IT and mobility. Our report expertise includes assessing emerging market opportunities & market sizing, identifying and evaluating complex global value chains (including key drivers, restraints and winning strategies).


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